Rainy night

Well tonight has ended up being quite a wet night here in Perth,Western Australia. Lovely wet Spring weather indeed, I can also hear a bit of wind as well. I guess the lovely weather we have been having had to stop sometime, not that I am complaining, because soon it will be hot and Summer.

Today all around has been pretty wet and cloudy, out of nowhere it has gotten cold as well. A blast of Winter in September I guess ? I’ve been chilling tonight, talked to a few friends on my phone and watching a little You Tube as well. Nothing better on a wet night.

Our new lawn will get a good soaking as well too, which my Dad will be happy about, because he has been hand watering it lately. The backyard looks so much better with the new paving and fence, can’t wait to warmer and being outside a lot.

I do love these kind of nights, with rain and wind outside my window. I just want to do nothing and lay here typing my blog post and listening too the weather outside. What could be better on a Wednesday night ?

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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