Weekend vibes

Today was a beautiful Spring day with gorgeous sunshine, but very cold day. Lovely blue skies with a lot fluffy white clouds scooting across the horizon. The birds are all out in the trees singing their little hearts out, it’s hard to believe that Spring is really here, and that it is already nearly the end of September, where has the year gone ?

With Spring means in our rural areas wildflowers are blooming everywhere, turning the out back into a colourful oasis of flowers, almost like a sea of blooms. It is very popular with many tourists, but if you can’t get out of Perth city, then the place to go is King’s park with array of wildflowers to keep any flower lover happy for sure.

I love the colours of the sun at the moment too, so golden and yet not as harsh as our Summer sun gets. Perth sunsets are by far my favourite, especially over the Indian ocean. Nothing beats watching mother nature at her best, and the sun sinking beneath the ocean a pure work of art by far. I guess I am a little bias as well being a native of Perth, Western Australia, although I have traveled this world far and wide, and still would pick a Perth sunset over the ocean above any other place for sure.

Funny enough this blog post as turned out, not just about my weekend here in sunny Perth, but ends up with me talking about Perth’s gorgeous sunsets and wildflowers displays. Oh well that is all about writing a blog, it can turn into something else pretty much without much effort. I guess too, it is lovely to show cast the amazing city I live in and extremely lucky too do so.

Today coffee and cake at Miami Bakehouse in Melville, after wandering through the local Carpark markets for any little goodies and bargains. Mum got me a sloth hanging basket with a lovely succulent in it, and now it has pride of place on our old wood stove, now being used as a plant holder. There were so many store holders at the markets and so much choice of stuff to buy. It is one of my favourite places to go on a Sunday morning.

Last night was my regular Pizza/Craft nite, although cold it was lovely to see all my crafty mates, and catch up for a lovely chat with them all. It also for me is a chance to get out of the house after a long week at school. Don’t get me wrong I love my job as an Education assistant, but working with Kindy and Pre-Primary’s students is full on job. You really learn to appreciate your downtime, as well as take your quiet moments when they arise. I did a bit of colouring in, which I haven’t done for ages, very relaxing indeed. I also spent time updating and drafting blog posts for my Blog as well. So productive night both socially and creatively as well, although it was very cold indeed when we left the church where my friend Ann runs the event.

As I write this, the sun has gone down on another lovely sunny Spring day, and this time next week I will be on my holidays for two weeks. It will also see another month start, that of October my birthday month and what a month it will be.

So I say Adieu to you all out there in the blogosphere and hope your weekend has gone well indeed ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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