Living in the UK

It is funny how life works out in the end ? I had a burning desire to go and live in the UK, and even had it down as, what I would do in a couple years of leaving High school. Well I did it in May 1999, when I stepped off a plane bound for London and a whole new life for me.

I left my family and home I knew to chase my dream of being a Nanny and living in the English countryside. It was a lot to take in as a 24year-old, who had never been out of the state of Western Australia before, but was flying all the way to England and a new life.

I think too that I was terrified, but also excited for a new adventure in my life. I was way out of my comfort zone and loving every minute of it. I guess too I was living my dream and that drove me halfway around the world and another country entirely.

It wasn’t easy, but hey easy has never been my preferred way to do things and life in general. It was usually the hard way, or no way at all. Mum said even as a small child, I was always fiercely independent and had to do things by myself, or not at all. I guess this was another one if those times indeed.

I planned my way with a lot of things like getting a job as an Nanny, got my Grandparent visa, booked an one way ticket to England and off I went. So when I stepped off the plane and was met by my Employer, I had one big suitcase, my cabin bag and a whole lot of spunk to carry me through this adventure.

I know looking back as the nearly 45year-old I am now, that my 24 year old self had a lot of guts to do what she did. I am actually proud of her, for doing it and living aboard without a safety net. I look back at the time with a lot of nostalgia and also of me growing up and becoming the person who I am today.

England is an amazing place and even though it is quite a small island compared too Australia, it to me was another world foreign and yet familiar to me. London was another level as a city, that for so long had been only experienced in Dicken’s books or Virginia Woolf’s diaries. It really existed, and not simply in the minds of writers or Historians.

Although I didn’t actually get to go London, for quite a few weeks of being in England. Believe me it was worth the wait, but hey that’s another blog post I feel.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

Another England blog post soon.

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