A little Faith journaling

Yesterday Public holiday, outside journaling.

Yesterday one of my friend’s and I made a date to do a little Faith journaling, it all started when I posted a photo of my Faith journal on social media, from there my friend saw it and asked if I could help her set one up. So yesterday that is what we did, we journaled, chatted, drunk tea and talked about our faith. It was refreshing to talk with someone who feels the same way as you do, who enjoys picking out and reading your favourite verses from the Bible. It was indeed a great day, as well as being outside in nature with a lovely Spring day all around you. It was truly blissful indeed and I got a lot done in only a couple of hours. I also think that I helped my friend jump into it, no safety net required.

I didn’t get any photos from the actual journaling session, but took this photo afterwards. My friend had gone home, but I still remained outside journaling, gathering my thoughts and reflecting on the day we spent within our faith. I loved sharing my journal with my friend, and telling her about all the places I have found online, who have helped me create my lovely journal. I am so happy that I split my journal into two, because if I hadn’t then all these amazing things happening, wouldn’t of happened at all. I feel to that God has put these people into my life and my journaling, he has pushed me further forward into the depths of my own psyche. That for which I am truly grateful to him, and push forward to where he wants me to go.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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