Blog posts waiting to be written

There are always blog posts to be written, and then to be edited, as well as going over again, so that the words make sense, and most of all, that I would want to read this blog post too. All these questions come too mind, everytime I write here on my blog. You don’t want it to be boring, and most of all you want others to read and enjoy what you have shared.

To me it isn’t so much about likes and being popular, mainly that I am getting my Blogging voice out there into the wider world. I love to write and journal, I feel like having a Blog rolls those loves all into one. Sometimes I maybe should blog a bit more, but in a perfect world with perfect lives, even the best intentions never come true.

And so I blog and reflect on what I want my actual Blog to be.What it looks like and what I write as well. Is it a particular feel I am going for ? Or it simply anything goes type of blog ? They are all very important questions to me, and it is also the enjoyment factor as well. You need to enjoy being a Blogger, or else it shines through all the blogs you post. Nobody wants blogging to be a chore, but too many who start out it does.

I think like anything you need to take a break and take a look around you, as well as deep within. There are times when I think no not today, but then maybe tomorrow yes. It is like life and one of the things I read lately is, simply show up. A statement that speaks volumes to me and probably to a lot of people out there in the blogosphere too.

Blogging to me is something that I do on the go as well.Whether a crowded food hall in a shopping centre, or the local library in a quiet corner, or my favourite in a cafe with a large chai latte by my hand. I have finally found my niche where I am happy writing and blogging, I couldn’t possibly ask for anything else at all.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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