Happy list

Happiness is unique to every person, and so I couldn’t help but make up a happy list for myself to share here on my blog. I will refer to it as my Happy list, and hope many of you people out there will come up with their very own. Here goes nothing 😁

My Happy List

Watching clouds jet across the blue skies.

Curling up with a good book and comfy blanket.

Spending time with my family.

Hanging out with my Bestie.

Watching sunsets over the Indian ocean.

Spending time in Woodlands and going for long walks, alone.

Writing in my journal, really long entries.

Starting to write down my travels and living in UK as a Nanny in rural English countryside.

Summer sea breezes ruffling my hair and face.

Spending time with children and seeing the world through their eyes.

Lazy days with nothing but chilling.

Spending quiet time with my Faith and my God.

Starry night skies and being out underneath them looking up in wonder and awe.

Watching my favourite shows on telly.

Collecting Stationery items and creatively using them in my journals.

Taking photos.

Spending time in the garden with my folks.


Going to art galleries and museums looking at history.

Spending time in a cafe, people watching.

Hours browsing in Bookstores.

Going to the library and getting a pile of books to read.

Afternoon naps.

A good cup of tea.

Cooking for myself.

Going out by myself and going on an artist’s date somewhere.

Getting lost in my own hometown.

Making lists and ticking stuff off.

Sleeping in on holiday mornings.

Rainy days and jumping in puddles.

Seeing all my daisy flowers in full bloom.

Seeing my Mum smile.

Finding that special gift for a close loved one.

Unexpected gift from my Brother.

Making this list, I realize that there are so many things I love to do and also may things that make me happy. It doesn’t need to be as involved as mine, or as long, only that you include stuff that makes you truly happy indeed. Life has it’s highs and lows, but when you start making a list, you suddenly realize just what makes you happy.

In my case people and the natural world, truly makes me happy, but everyone is different in their own way. I guess too though it needs to be people and the world, not so much things you buy or consume. For me personally, yes I love to shop, but that doesn’t make me as happy as spending time with family and friends, or taking a walk in the rain.

Spending time writing this blog post also brings a smile to my face, and knowing it will make others smile and think of their own Happy List. The world at the moment is so very dark indeed, it is always great to spread a little light around.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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