A cuppa

I would have to say nothing more English than a cuppa, I guess too living in UK, I really got to enjoy and learn to make tea like the English, and still prefer tea over coffee any day. A cuppa is also great, when you are reading a good book, or writing away in your journal.With a pen in one hand, and a mug brimming full of fragrant tea in the other, expertly balanced on your lap, or the arm of the chair you happen to be curled up on.

I used too love to have a hot cuppa in the morning, when I worked as a Nanny in rural English countryside. It as my perfect start, to my often busy day, of getting a child off to Nursery school and looking after a baby girl as well. It was my time to simply sit on the back step, and watch the skyscape above me. It helped me set myself up for the rest of the day, and never a morning person it became my “Me time”.

Nothing compares to the first cuppa of the day, except maybe the last one before bed. I remember fondly drinking tea at my Nanna’s house, it was always a ritual, that I have never forgotten, and never could be rushed.

A cup of tea is like a warm hug, never to be gulped down, but sipped slowly and of course cradle the mug in your hands.

Well I am off to have a cuppa 😁

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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