I have always been good at writing since I was a kid, always good at telling stories and even better when I wrote them down. So I thought maybe I should do a blog post about it, writing that is. In fact I have been doing a lot of writing later, after a period of nothing for a few years.

I guess it dropped off after cancer diagnosis 2007, I had gone on a trip to USA with my Mum, to a cousin’s wedding and then blam July 2007 I was in hospital having emergency surgery. Ovarian cancer and Doctors not knowing what they would find once they opened me up. My life changed in an instant and so did my writing voice, I turned my back on it and a lot of other things in my life.

Dark times were ahead, but now my voice is back and finally I can journal and write again. It took some time, but I am grateful that through darkness came light and my purpose is clear. Now I have a Blog, something I have always wanted, and never thought possible. I am writing and most importantly all I write comes from deep within me. No longer am I afraid to put myself out there into the world. I feel changed somewhat, but only for the better and underneath Kylie still remains with a smile on her face.

True my writing has turned to my journaling, and also currently writing about my time in the UK, but I am still writing which makes me so happy. I even thought for awhile, that I would ever write creatively again. My spark went out, and so did the joy from playing with words I always had from childhood.

Blogging has helped me grow confident, and also honed my skills as a writer. And my first love, after art, has returned to me like a lost lover. I feel that my first Blog had was a learning curve, and now with my current one, I feel it truly reflects my personality and has matured along the way.

The way I write also has changed and yet the same all at once. I write long hand mostly in my journals and notebooks, but also write on my Word Press app by typing on either my smartphone or tablet. I also have journaling apps that I write in, these help me to get down stuff quickly, because I type them. Writing has given me not only insight, but strength I never knew I had in me.

I am grateful for this gift and I hold it even more closely than before, because I know how fragile it can be.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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