Another full journal

Faithful companion
So many moments captured

A few days ago I finished my current journal, and so I write this blog post to celebrate that milestone. Everytime I fill a journal my heart is sad and glad all at the very same time. It overwhelms me to no end and I carry on and start anew journal, but my heart remains faithful to the other one I leave behind. It feels like I am always leaving someone behind, without ever meaning too.

I guess though at least I have this amazing book to look back on, and able to relive events that would surely become memories, if I hadn’t written it all down. The journal was very special indeed that it was handmade with coffee stained pages throughout. I got it at a Vintage fair that my Mum and I go to every year and finally took the plunge and journaled in it these past couple of months.

I kinda went for a botanical gardens theme combined with Victorian lady to add a little spunk and colour. I may of also overstuffed it a little as well, mainly because I didn’t want to finish it. Postcards and other vintage items went into this journal and so it has become special also because I carry it with me always, regardless of whether I write in it or not. But alas finally I couldn’t fill another thing in and so I put the finished date in the front cover and bid adieu to my journal.

As you can see I ended up with an elastic band to close it, but I feel it adds to the character of the journal itself, and not just what I created or wrote within it’s pages. It has been a faithful companion to me and my life and the adventures I have had.

So farewell dear companion and thank you for reading my blog posts.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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