My feet

Worn but my favourite shoes.

My feet have been carrying me around for quite some time indeed, and I am so very grateful for them doing so. It also makes me think just how many steps do our feet actually do ? I mean our feet have kept us upright all of our lives, and yet we sometimes forget to be grateful for what they do for us. Seems kinda silly to simply sweep them off to one side, but alas we do. I think about my feet carrying my through my life and around the world, they have taken me far indeed.

You kinda take for granted the way they actually physically carry you around all day long. We just assume we can walk wherever our mood takes it. Earlier this year I had a foot injury and so it made it very hard indeed to walk any real distance at all. It became very frustrating at times, because I was cut off from outings by myself in case I fell, or got too tired.

Now I am back normal it makes me realize that our feet truly are amazing indeed. It really is another life once you no longer have them capable to carry you around anymore.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

Comfy socks.
Black and white slides.
Golden sandals.
Jeggings legs.

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