Journal pages

Tea bag tipped into my journal page
Portrait of myself done by one of my Pre-Primary’s
Re-purpose book now used as journal

Journaling comes so very natural to me, and yet there are times where words fail me, and I can’t even form a sentence, never mind write a whole page in my journal. Those days I instead decorate and lavish my journal so that it becomes a welcome place to write in yet again.

Lately though I have been writing in my journals non-stop and finding memories popping up out of nowhere, as well as problems being solved by me simply putting them down on the page. It simply makes them feel so very small indeed and not have any power of me anymore. They lose there bite and I just turn the page in my journal and carry on.

Looking at these photos you will see that I have tipped in my tea bag label and the Green tea packaging as well. I saw this done on one of my favourite You Tube videos by Lynnloveslife. I have been meaning to have done it ages ago, and once I did it, I was very much happy with the result. And hope to do it more in the future, because I do love my tea for sure.

I am so very lucky to have children draw little pictures for me, and leave them on my desk at school. What I do with them is keep them and find a place in my journal for them. Hence the picture one of my Pre-Primary’s drew of me, it got pride and place in my journal. They are reminders to me why I do what I do in this world, for them the students in my class, no the whole school maybe fairer estimate.

I also have of late enjoyed repurposed books as journals, and although I have nearly finished my first one, I feel it will not be my last by any means. It is fun to try my hand at something different, but the same as well. I am still working on journals but in a slightly different light. It also blends my love of books with my love of journaling together, very nicely if I don’t say so myself. I hate to see old books left on the shelf, and so when I go to Op shops or Church fairs, I buy them and give them a little makeover as well.

I think my repurposed journal may have to feature in her very own blog post as well. I would love to share with all of you out there in the blogosphere my creation. Maybe find some like minded people as well.

Anyway adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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