Monday blues

I have got to give myself a really big Prep talk today, it is as if I have simply hit a wall, that I am simply too exhausted to even think about climbing right now. All I want to do is crawl back into bed, and let the rest of the world, in it’s mad pace go on by me. But of course, that can not happen, and so I will put on my Big Girl pants and face the day and the consequences of it.

We have around three weeks of school left and then Summer break be ahead, swiftly as a Sea breeze. Some schools have already broken up for the Summer school holidays, unfortunately I am not that lucky, and currently slaving away a bit longer. The Christmas madness has begun and saw at the local shopping centre many people taking advantage of the Black Friday sales we have been having this weekend just gone.

I just can not get myself together today, and feel really quite fatigued. We have been busy doing some Christmas craft ready for taking home. Today all the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s drew a picture of their families ready to make a calendar for their Parent’s. Then painted with watered down edicol dye, their drawings are getting rather good as well.

I made white playdough with silver glitter ready to create with tomorrow. The kids love my playdough, that always has bright colour, or sensory stuff put in to add interest, and of course a little bit of fun. It is never dull at school, and we are so lucky the Air con is working again, which is great since it is going to be 40Ā°c tomorrow.

The day has been long, but Monday is finished once more for another week, which brings us closer to end of another school year. I feel somewhat flat, and simply would like to curl up somewhere, and take a nap, but alas I am the Teacher’s assistant, and can’t do that. I feel as if I hit a brick wall today so to speak, that has not happened for a very long time for me. I am exhausted, but it is also an extremely busy time of year, before Christmas and summer break.

I will be fine, just need an early night, and hopefully will be my old cheery self.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

6 thoughts on “Monday blues

  1. loisastwood says:

    So sorry to hear you are struggling – but I’ take my hat off to you’ as they say for keeping going. It sounds hard and yet you have thought of others and in doing so it sounds as though you have brought joy into their lives. Blessings to you and I pray you will begin to get that energy back – Lois

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  2. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Kylie, I’m wishing you strength to get through the last of it!! šŸ’– You got this!! I totally understand how you’re feeling. It’s so normal, I think especially towards the end of the school year. I recently took a one-week Fall/Autumn break, & I feel so much better with recuperated strength. Take care of yourself! Find time to rest and do what brings you peace, joy, and relaxation! āœØāœØāœØ

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    • knsander97 says:

      Thanks hon xox for the kind words. I am getting better and feeling that although I hit a wall, I have a lot of people, you included in my corner. I have been having early night and also reaching out to my friends for help. šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–

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