90 followers on Word Press

I can not believe it, I have 90 followers on Word Press, and so very happy to celebrate that very important milestone for sure. I first want to thank all of my supporters, and without you all encouraging me, I feel as if my Blog would of never gotten this far.

A Blog is hard work and I am more than ready for the challenge, as well as commitment that comes with it all. I love to write, and this gives me the perfect excuse to write my little heart out. It is also good for backup, and just having a space to express yourself, in front of many people indeed.

I also love that I can document my life in blog posts as well, and that it is a journal of sorts. I always feel uplifted, after spending some time writing on my Blog too. Even writing process of editing and rewrites, I funny enough enjoy. I feel too my love, or passion you could say as return for the written word.

So here is too many more blog posts and thank you to all those followers of mine.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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