Summer Nights

Night time in Summer is rather special to me, it stems from childhood and spending time outside under the stars. I remember watching Halley’s comet speed across the night sky, and even having a comet sighting party, at night at our school. Special moments that nobody can take away from me, and times that many will never see again.

I feel there is something rather forbidden to being out at night. Everything appears so very different indeed, and the light and shadows are very much of a slightly darker hue. Summer also means longer than normal days as well.

Night is a good time, to watch a movie under the stars, and simply chill out, under a huge star studded canvas above. Going to an open aired concert, is also fun and just being able to sing a long to songs you know so well.

When we kids my Parent’s used too take us on night drives, especially in the Summer, as a way to get out of a stuffy and hot house. Watching the hot day turn into a cool night was purely magical indeed.

Here is too Summer Nights, long may they stay.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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