Summer moments

I am not a big Summer lover you could say, well really it is the very hot days and nights, I do not like so much. This Summer I am just gonna embrace it for what it is, and not what I want it to be, after all life is made up of many seasons. If you intensively dislike a season, then you are cutting off a big chunk of life as well.

Since starting my Faith journal, I feel a lot more tolerant of things, in the past would really bother me to no end. I also feel really, what is the point of getting stressed over, something we really and truly have no control over, the seasons for one, and the second the weather.

So I am going to sip my fruity iced tea with, of course one of those divine little umbrellas, and sit back and take easy, chill out and relax with my family and close friends. Enjoy the big, wide, blue summer skies, so very much famous here in Perth, Western Australia. Take a walk about Freo, and soak up the vibes of Summer. I want to spend some time by the water, get my feet wet, and read a few books of my reading list.

Just let my worries float away, and take a good look around me. Yes there will be very hot and humid days, but nothing lasts forever, and nothing beats our sunsets and time under the stars. Being outside and just letting life flow through you, not putting up barriers and finding fault with everything. Life is far from perfect, but hey, who wants a perfect life after all.

One of my favourite things to do is walk about without shoes on, I love to feel the ground under my bare feet. I feel also strangely connected to re earth while barefooted, it is kinda hard to explain, but I feel part of something way bigger than myself. Walking about on sand, feels so good and most of the time also cool or warm depending on the temperature.

Laying on a blanket and simply staring up at the sky is another summer thing to do. I find it very chilled and carefree, rather like when I was a child. Even better under the dappled shade of a lovely tree, so you can see the sun play hide and go seek with the greener than green foliage upon the tree.

Here is to Summer moments and the precious memories they bring.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Summer moments

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Kylie, I so love this quote: “If you intensively dislike a season, then you are cutting off a big chunk of life as well.” Winter isn’t my favorite, but then again I’ve slowly come to this realization that it’s too many months to be miserable just because of the cold weather. 🙂

    Let yourself enjoy the summer vibes! I so love to walk barefoot, too! Except in at the park since I don’t have a beach nearby. It feels so nice to feel grounded and connect to earth! 🌎💖 May you enjoy your summer to the fullest! ✨

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