Junk journal

Made my very own junk journal

I am so very proud of myself, tonight I have completed making my very own junk journal. It is pretty similar to the one Lynn makes from Lynnloveslife, and was easier than I thought it would be. Now I have my very own journal to use and make uniquely my own. And it is tailored to my style and I can change it whenever I want to.

It is basically scrapbook rings, a one hole punch or a two hole punch would do as well, and then postcards, project life cards and envelopes. Stuff always to be found in any crafty stash, and then off you go. The trick is not to load too many things on the rings, or else there will be no room for all the Journaling goodies you want to beef this junk journal up with.

It is a good way for making a journal while on holiday, or for December daily album. The only thing stopping you is your imagination. I recommend watching Lynn’s You Tube video on the process called “How to make a junk journal- tips and tricks” on Lynnloveslife channel.

So if I can do it so can you 😁

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Junk journal

  1. degreesofmaternity says:

    This is such a neat concept. It reminds me of getting back to my arts and crafts days in school and looks like such a creative way to consolidate your daily thoughts. I’ll definitely take a look at Lynn’s video as I’m always looking for ways to stay consistent with my journaling. Maybe keeping my thoughts in a junk journal is just the thing that will keep me on track. Thanks for the suggestion.

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