I love taking photos, as well as collecting them, to put into my journals and keep my memories somewhat alive, always. It is so funny how a single picture, can hold so many forgotten memories, as well as long forgotten feelings that I had thought lost forever, only to jump out at me right now.

One photograph can say a thousand words indeed, where there are no space for words at all. A photograph can hold the face of a loved one, when they have left this world, long ago for heaven itself. At least you have an image to remember them by. Never the same, but often close enough by heavenly standards.

Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph holds a very dear moment, although sad reminds me of happy times with a close friend who passed away. The song was played at her funeral and I can tell you, I was a mess after hearing it. Now whenever I hear it, I think of Jenny, and also feel that she is telling me, she is still around looking out for me.

Photographs are something that I love to take while on holidays, and have some awesome ones, from when I lived in the UK. A lot of photos I took of the children, that I nannied and also of everyday life in an English village. Precious times that I look back on with Nostalgia and also with joy.

It also reminds me, of who I once was, and who I am today, maybe two very different people, but versions of me all the same. Photographs let you remember stolen moments, and maybe relive them once more however brief that may be. Nothing better than getting a box of photos down, and remembering the people and stories that go with them.


Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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