It has been a weekend of wind, a little rain as well, but thankfully now it is only blue skies on the horizon. December means Summertime for us in the Southern hemisphere, as well as Christmas too. It means sinking in snow white sand, and feeling the heat of the day radiate through your feet. It means also earlier sunrises and later sunsets.

I find after Winter it feels lovely to be outdoors, to feel the sun on your face, and to feel human once more. Don’t get me wrong I do love Winter very much so, but the short, dark days after awhile get gloomy indeed. Summertime means to go out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

We often have quite a lot of sunshine here in Perth, Western Australia. And I feel that leads our very laid back lifestyle, beachy feel and spending a lot of time outside. Especially when the sun shines longer here in Perth, why not take advantage of that ?

Sunshine also means adventures around Fremantle, and also into the countryside far from the city. It also brings memories of childhood at the beach, or down by the river having fish and chips. The sunshine helped with all of that, and I am so very grateful for the life I can live because of the endless Summer sunshine all around me.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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