Christmas time

I do love this time of year, Christmas time and all the decorations and music about the place. I love to celebrate to about the birth of Jesus as well. It just seems to me like everyone is more concerned about presents and perfect meal, have we all forgotten what Christmas is actually about ?

To me Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus and how his birth led to something quite special, a baby who grew up to be the Messiah. Maybe I am just being cynical ? No where in the bible, does it talk about getting expensive presents, and the most lavish Christmas meal.

I have had Christmas here in Australia, but also England and USA where I saw Christmas done Vegas style. I enjoyed every moment and especially in the UK where I had my first white Christmas I always dreamed about for so long. I have learnt here in Australia our Christmas will be a sunny and bright one, not a sleigh bell in sight at all.

Usually end up with my favourite Christmas playlist of Last Christmas by Wham and Thank God it is Christmas by Queen and many more songs indeed. By November I am listening to festive songs and singing at the top of my lungs to boot. I just love music full stop.

Christmas means school holidays and time spent with my family and close friends. It means chilling out and reading a good book and eating way too much food. It has always been to me very magical time of year, and I feel like a kid again, at every Christmas.

So even though it’s over 40Β°c weather I will have as usual a merry christmas indeed.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

And hope your Christmas is all you ever dreamed it would be…

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