Heat wave

Wow today has been another scorching hot day, and Summer has only begun. Welcome to Australia is all I can say….
As I sit and write this blog post, it is quite warm for nearly 7pm at night. I have my window open to catch any breeze there may be around, and sit in a semi dark room, as too keep myself cool.
Many of you who will read this, are in the Northern hemisphere, and so at the moment experiencing the polar opposite to Summer, that is Winter and freezing temperatures.
Don’t get me wrong I do love the warmer weather, but not when it’s over 39Ā°c for almost five days. Then it is really quite draining indeed.
Hopefully there is cooler weather ahead and we get some relief to this draining hot weather.
Christmas is surely creeping up on me, and I am actually feeling quite festive after our Christmas concert at school on Friday morning. My Bestie and I were singing along to Last Christmas by Wham that was playing before the concert started. We were in stitches when she totally stuffed up the lyrics and fits of laughter followed us throughout the event. We really do laugh a lot, and I think that keeps us having fun and enjoying life. Christmas music has been playing on my Spotify app, and even put my very own playlist together of my favourite Christmas songs. All has put me truly in the Christmas spirit completely, yes no snow, but hey we have sand instead.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Enjoy your Christmas season no matter where it is hot or cold.

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