Last week of school year

Well I can not believe it, the school year has this last couple of days to go and then school holidays start. It has been unbelievable hot, and all the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s have been absolutely troopers. We had the Year 6 graduation ceremony this morning and they all did so well. Even with the very loud Bagpipes, it also showed me very much so how much they have all grown as individuals and as a group. They are so ready for the next chapter in their schooling, and I am so very proud of every one of them for becoming such lovely people, all in their own rights. And I will miss them all so very much indeed.
Tomorrow marks the first Kindergarten graduation ceremony and they are certainly going to wow their audience. They have been practicing hard, and I can not wait to see them perform their songs and get their certificates.
It really has been a rather hot day, but also busy in that we are all winding down for the year, as well as handing out school reports and Portfolios. So not long to go, I also am sitting back and simply squirreling away every moment and time I get to spend with these very special human beings.
Yes I will try not too cry, but that maybe very hard not to, and I know they will always house a special place in my heart always.
Christmas crafts are piling up in their very special Christmas bags, and I am simply enjoying my last days. I love seeing the magic in the children’s eyes when they decorate our Christmas tree and when they find any new Christmas decorations in the classroom. At the moment their elf self are on the back wall of the classroom and look so very cute indeed.
Even my Pikachu key toy has had a Christmas makeover with red ribbon and tinsel around his neck. And the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s insist in saying good morning to him in the mornings greeting. It is so very cute I feel and very sweet too.
It also marks a whole year working with the Kindy Teacher I am currently paired with. And I think we do make a rather good team and share a lot of laughs indeed. Here is too 2020 …

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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