Kindy moments

Well end of the school year has been and gone, believe it or not I am now on holidays, until end of January 2020. A really scary thought as well. All my Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s left yesterday, with smiles on their faces, and ready to move onto, the rest of their school lives.

There was chairs and tables to be cleaned, wiped and thoroughly scrubbed. It rained which helped myself and another EA to get the chairs at least sparkling clean. While the kids helped, and then played on the back verandah with chalk, cars and also collected ants trying to escape the wet weather.

It always makes me smile to see Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s to take note of the natural world about them. Truly refreshing experience I feel needing to be encouraged a lot more. I am going to miss my little class and hope to see a lot of them in the near future of 2020.

There was sand play, water and dancing in the rain as well. They loved being around me as well as checking to see when I was coming back inside. I am going to miss little ones under my feet while on holidays, and also having hot tea and not have to eat my lunch fast. Now I can simply take my time, and simply laze about, if I so choose too.

The classroom looks bare and somewhat lonely now all, and the furniture and toys have been packed up. It has been a wonderful year all up as well as being a great learning curve and experience.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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