New haircut feel

Me at the Dome cafe in Freo
Bedroom selfie
Bathroom selfie

Today Christmas eve was time to get my haircut and colour, I had been looking forward to it for weeks. You know that feeling you get when your needing a big change ? Well that feeling has been with me for weeks, and so with holidays coming up, out with the old tired colour and cut, in with a fresh look and colour. So there you have it, bob hairstyle with fringe and of course my trademark red locks.

My hair feels amazing, and I feel ready for 2020 coming up in only a week’s time. Time to now spend Christmas with my family and close friends. May take me a few days to get used to my new style, but hey I will certainly rock it any how, any way.

Why the fringe, or bangs as some people call it ? Well why not is my honest answer, that and I love to shake it up and just try something completely different. It is just ME and love it or hate it, I will always tend to go in the complete opposite direction too anybody else. Maybe I should also say, that I am always changing underneath myself. Never the same person at any one time.

I get bored easily too, hence the change from one style to another. It keeps people on their toes, as well as keeps my hairdresser from ever getting bored with me as a client. Enjoy the pics, as well as, have a great Christmas.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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