Goodbye 2019

Well goodbye 2019

Hello or welcome to 2020

Beginning of a new decade and also brand new year.

Where has the time gone ?

It is so weird to be writing this after the celebration of Christmas, and the countdown to new year next week. Time has flown this year and maybe it has always been like that ? Maybe I just noticed it now, unlike in the past. Who knows only that 2019 will fade into the mist of time very shortly and 2020 will be here for all to see.

I suddenly realized it is also the start of a new and exciting decade as well. 2020 will bring me change, but also a lot of joy as well. I want to laugh and have fun, not be so serious which certainly not me at all. Probably get some travel if not physically, maybe spiritually and reflect in my journals and in my life in general. Live in the present moment and go with it, not try to stop the natural flow of things.

It has been a year of good and bad things, but hey that is life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have grown in myself, and also found a certain inner peacefulness. I turned 45 years old in October and feel more alive and more myself than I have actually felt for a good many years.

I am loving my family and close friends, and also having a bestie to share my life and dreams with. Closeness and friendship is extremely important to me. Having someone who can make you laugh until you cry is always a must in my book.

I have also enjoyed my work as Kindy and Pre-Primary’s aide and can not wait to see my new class for 2020. I feel I have carved out a lovely niche for myself at work, and after Summer holidays will be up for the challenge again.

So long 2019 and here is to 2020

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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