Beach life

I grew up by the sea and the beach was my childhood playground. Kinda a given here in Australia really, the whole country is surrounded by the sea on all sides. Nostalgia makes me remember my childhood during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s as golden times indeed to be alive. I guess in a way it was carefree times, and technology hadn’t gripped our lives as much as it does now. Simple times and lives to live in the moment, experiencing through our senses and not through visual clues.

I enjoyed collecting shells, building sandcastles and playing harmless games of chasey with the waves. Outdoors and emersed in nature was very much my childhood memories and way of life. Especially here in Perth, Western Australia in late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Maybe I see it through rose coloured glasses somewhat, it wasn’t all good, my folks didn’t have a lot of money and we lived a strict budget as well. But to me as a kid that did not matter.

Seagulls, fish and chips all go together in my mind, and I am the only one who feels the best fish and chips is eating them outdoors by the water ? Nothing else tastes better in my mind at all. Greasy fingers and white butcher’s paper, go hand in hand with family time, and watching the sun go down, on a hot Summer’s day.

Hot Summer’s night also can lead to sitting in the warm white sand, as you try and escape a hot house. Cool sea breeze and lapping waves can do a lot too cool your soul as well as relax you after a hot day. Beach life always means long endless days with long endless nights thrown in.

I have really loved writing these series of blog posts about the beach and my West coast lifestyle here in Perth, Western Australia. I feel totally blessed by my opportunity to live in a pretty amazing place, as well as growing up in an even better era of the 1980’s. I actually never set out to write a series of blog posts about Summer and the beach, but in a way I am happy it turned out this way.

I feel more open, and feel a sense of freedom now with my Blog, and the content I publish within it. My niche has very much made itself known, and now I simply write away with my Blog. I feel extremely proud of the fact of my age as well as the era I grew up in. I feel it was a lot less pressured than the world is today. But I also feel it was a bit of a whirlwind back then, than today.

Life is complicated, but I feel too we have lost our humanity and also our heart somewhat. We appear more focused with things not involving others especially contact with fellow people. Whereas when I grew up, it was about the moments, and I can not help but look back at my childhood with a lot of Nostalgia. It was a time of happiness but also reality, things may not be perfect, but life never is when you think about it.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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