I adore this elegant but stylish hairstyle and outfit.
Golden 1920’s
Wistfully miss this age of fashion

I was recently searching social media for hairstyles to try out, and came across some old photos of the 1920’s era and thought why not. So here I am sitting down and writing a blog post about as was called the roaring twenties to some. I guess after surviving a world war, humanity needed a chance to enjoy life once more. This is definitely the period for that indeed.

I feel it was also a great time in not only fashion, but also women in general, life was becoming more modern, many ideals that stood for centuries were crumbling at an alarming rate. I must admit I love the short Dutch bob as it was known, and that it caused quite a stir indeed. Many felt women had to have long hair to symbolize their femininity, and so to cut it short, along with wearing long pants really socked it to critics everywhere.

Today we do what we want with not only our hair but body in general. Many of us don’t think much of the peer pressure to fit in, but imagine in the 1920’s when to do so was being more than a simple maverick. These women were brave and paved the way for all of us now in 2019.

I love the fashion of short dresses and although always elegant attire. Hats with short bobbed hair, and having a good time. Yes rebellious as well, but hey we all need to start somewhere. I don’t like the idea of wearing fur coats though, fashion or no fashion.

I feel though if not for these ladies of the 1920’s we wouldn’t be here today. So thank you to those mavericks of the roaring twenties for the path you paved for all of us today.

Dressing up I know is very much a child’s play, but I still love that magic of trying on clothes that tell a story. Who was the person who wore this before me ? I guess that is why I like this era, because everybody was trying on new clothes, everybody was figuring out who they indeed were. And not hemmed in by what society expected them to be.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

4 thoughts on “1920’s

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Hi Kylie! I missed visiting your blog! How are you? Thank you for sharing interesting facts about the time and the fashion style. It think it looks chic and classy. I’m not a fan of the fur coats either. I think it’s interesting how the women before us paved the way for more hairstyling options versus only having long hair ✨

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