Hooked on Ezel

Turkish tv show

My Bestie put me onto this Turkish tv show called Ezel and now Summer break I have been madly binging on it.

I recently finished it last night to be exact, and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. So many twists and turns I never for a moment thought it would end the way it did. No spoilers here though, that is up to you guys out there in the blogosphere to go watch and enjoy.

The main star of Ezel Kenan Imirzalioglu is simply tall, dark and extremely handsome. Definitely eye candy for us all, in tv land. It was pure escapism for me, and to simply be taken away to Istanbul, Turkey was the thing I needed.

The scenery simply took my breathe away, especially the time lapse film of the port itself. You could also smell the sweet Turkish tea in the air, and well I did fall in love with not only the costumes, handbags and accessories, but also the stylish homes as well.

I must admit it was intriguing, and how revenge can turn out not quite what you may first think it will. I feel too that true love, no matter what betrayals happen does prevail. It also stands to reason, what would you do if you were put into prison for a crime you did not commit ?

So now that I have finished the series I am now currently watching more Turkish tv shows, because they are so addictive indeed.

Happy viewing

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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