Monthly planner

January plans for journaling and blog posts.

I decided by the end of last year that I needed a system, to be able to stay on top of all my creative projects. And so from Kmart, I brought myself a Monthly planner, along with some pastel highlighters. Now in the notes section down the right hand side I have made a Key, with colour code highlighter to go with it.

Then all I need to do each day is make a line in the varied colours. Then bingo I can keep on top of all my creative projects needing to be done. It also looks very pleasing to the eye and no messy writing all over the monthly spread. I can not wait to see how it does for the month of January ? Being on holidays means I can use that time to set up a schedule for myself and iron out any problems or issues.

I feel not being organized has hampered my projects and my journaling as well as blogging has suffered. I realize too you need to be on top of things, not leave it to chance at all. I also get to use up my stationery supplies and did not have to buy the pastel highlighters, because I already had them on hand.

I will keep you all updated on how it goes. It well may completely fall apart in the next couple of days, but hey that is where you need to simply go for it.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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