Goals for 2020


My goals for 2020 aren’t too many, but I feel that it makes them more stand out all the same. I want to chill more, and spend more time with my family, and close friends. I realize people are more important to me, than any material things. I want to continue to expand my journal collection by writing and creating more of them. I also want to create more of my very own unique journals as well.

Personally, I am currently working on losing some weight, and taking care of myself and my health more in 2020. My Cancer diagnosis has helped me to be grateful for not only my life, but my health as well. I just want to eat more better and just be able to move more than I have been. New hair and now new look me on the cards. I know too, that I have the strength of character to achieve my goal.

I love my job as an Education assistant at a local primary school, and hope to continue too become more and more comfortable within myself career wise. As well as the work/home balance more healthy levels. I enjoy the relationships I have built up with the children in my classroom and enjoy meeting new ones as well.

It may not seem like a lot of goals, but hey I want to achieve them, and so I want them to be achievable for me. It goes without saying that the smile will continue to stay upon my face no matter what.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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