My Blog in January 2020

What I hope to do with my Blogging in 2020 ? I  feel that my Blog, along with myself have gone through some personal growth. I feel as if I have come out of a dark tunnel, and seeing the light for the first time. It is weird for me writing this, but it is how I truly feel, here in January 2020. 
I am coming into my own, and my Blog here is a big part of that. I no longer feel hemmed by others and my voice is now purely my very own.

2020 will see me spreading my wings as a Blogger and just write posts about subjects I want to read about. My Faith journaling will becoming more to the fore front and hope to further write away my journey back to God. I also want to work more on my blog not only with posts but getting myself noticed more by others.

To me it isn’t about followers, but about the quality of my Blog posts and the feedback I get from others. Maybe a few sponsored spots as well, I am aiming for that, but not right off the bat. I however aim to keep on writing a fabulous Blog that makes me very proud indeed. As long as I can keep on writing and improving strength to strength.

I feel that the more that I focus the more my Blog here continues to grow and in turn helps me grow as a writer. After all I started a Blog in the first place for myself and my own pleasure. Because I also wanted a blog for a very long time indeed.

Here is to 2020 and my Blog becoming more successful and my Blogging career really taking off.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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