Pictures and words

Sometimes it is hard to choose pictures, to go along with the words in my blog posts, and even when I am paper journaling, images can be hard to put alongside my own handwriting. So I thought maybe I should write a blog post about this dilemma ? Surely others have the same issue as me ? I can not be the only one ?

It can be the words of a blog post that comes to me first, and then other times it is the images that I find that dictate, what I am going to write about. Either way it usually takes me awhile to get everything right, and ready to push that save, and then publish button.

I like my pictures to reflect my words. To also paint a beautiful canvass that encourages people to read my blog post. I can not do, with stark whiteness, and so of course instead I have colourful pages. The colour also reflects my personality and soul at the core as well. I feel the need to leave a little of myself upon the pages of everything that I create.

I take my own photos, as well as using images from social media, or the free library here on WordPress app. It just depends what I am after, and the look that I am going for. Filters are another thing I love to try out with my images, and simply messing around with exposures etc.

I guess that I love to tell a story with my words along with the images as well. And since starting my Blog it has constantly been a major learning curve what works and what needs to be adjusted or sometimes even trashed when it completely doesn’t work at all.

Sometimes I feel it is pure luck, and having the stars being aligned. It can’t always be perfect, but I can’t settle with anything less. And so I save and draft my Blog posts many times, and yet sometimes not at all. At times it all falls into place and my post simply gets published no real fuss at all. These are usually my favourite because they usually are the most true to me as a person and as a Blogger.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Enjoy your journey 😁

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