Confessions of a journal junkie

My new journal- A Kikki K journal

This last week I have started a new journal and have being going through the getting to know you times. It also was sad to leave my other journal, but as I spent time decorating my new one, I found myself gladden and joyful. It feels right January 2020 to be starting a new journal again. Not that I always do so and, a lot of the time I am still knee deep in a current journal. And so it makes a change to be starting over.

Decorating one of my journal pages.
Tea time always.
Polka dot backgrounds with some Stickii subscription stickers.

Along with starting a new journal, I aim to also use up a lot of my stash, that has simply been squirreled away for a rainy day. Well that rainy day is here in the middle of Summer, and so I feel happy to use up what I have. It will probably mean to all my friends in the blogosphere that you will see a lot of goodies that have been hoarded away for some time indeed. And truth be known I can not wait to share with you all.

This journal is one of many, I also have a Fauxbonichi, Summer junk journal, and two Kikki K planners that I use as notebooks, and not forgetting my Daphne’s diary too. I also feel that I am one of those people, who needs to be documenting and scribbling down stuff all the time and so having all these different journals help me with that all.

I guess too like the title of this blog post I am very much so a journal junkie indeed. Funny enough they are easy to be obsessed with and also help me a lot with my mental health issues that arise. I feel also more grounded and centred with my journals around, a kinda of safe place to go too when I need too.

Journals are good for using up your stash like I said before, and so you can go back and smile over the pretty stationery supplies used in them. They brighten up the world and leave a whole lot of yourself within there pages.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you enjoy this blog post of mine.

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