2 years Anniversary of my Blog

Well welcome to my two year anniversary of having my Blog here on Word Press, I can not believe it has been already two years. It really only seems like months not years, and I can not believe either, that I currently have 99 followers on Word Press as well.
Go Me !!!
I am spending it writing this lovely blog post and doing a bit of Op shopping around my area as well. It has been a rather delightful day, especially being a Saturday and back at school as well Thursday and Friday which let me tell you, was rather a shock to the system.
This time next week my Summer holidays will be a distant, but wonderful memory. Hahaha being rather gloomy here…Oh well such as life.
I want to shout out to all those people who have supported me through my journey into blogging. It has been a wild ride and I know many more laughs to be had in the future. I have meet so many wonderful and creative people on my blogging journey, some I will never ever forget.
Blogging to me was always a pipe dream, one I thought you needed a lot of fancy equipment and degree in software technology. Instead I found the WordPress app, and realized it wasn’t hard to set up, or run a Blog at all. Now I wondered why I didn’t do this sooner, but hey life is funny the way it can sometimes pan out.
I wouldn’t change anything for the world, and here is too another amazing year.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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