Weird weather

Monday today here in Perth, Western Australia and it is looking pretty gloomy outside. Gonna be 35°c today and so probably in for an unsettling day weather wise. It’s another Monday, and week six of the school term, and so half way there 😁

It has been a great weekend and enjoying the cooler nights we have been experiencing lately. I guess slowly but surely the season is turning itself around. I can not wait for the cooler weather and so I can get all cozy and warm rugged up.

As well I am ready for a change in season, we have had Summer for three months and now it is time for a shake up, try something completely different. I also love AUTUMN as well which has me impatient for the joys of that season too.

Back too School today and so that will be anything can and probably will happen. And you know I am fine with that bring it on is all I can say.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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