Well been quiet lately..busy at work and also haven’t been feeling well and so now back on track, and so thought. Why not write a blog post now. Here I am anyway. Weather has been hot this past week, but rain on the horizon can not wait for that.

I have been busy journaling and slowly filling my current journal up as well. My Autumn junk journal is coming along and this weekend get down to the journaling bit as well. It amazes me that I never run out of stuff to write about ? But there you have it.

I have missed my Blog, but sometimes life get put centre stage and this is one of those times for sure. Summer sometimes is hard too write in as well, because it is always sooo hot indeed. I constantly find myself adapting my Blog and seeing what works, and what really shouldn’t be tried again, ever.

I guess too you just do what you do and fit everything in as well. I never not take my Blogging seriously though, it is extremely important to me and positive outlook as well. I simply love different ways to express, and challenge myself all the time. If I didn’t I would probably die of boredom for sure.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Hello Autumn

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