Self-isolation day eleven

Currently loving my 4 colour pen from Kikki K store in rose gold…

Well day eleven of self isolation and going strong. I had a few moments today where I felt that I might be slowly going mad. They have passed, and I simply sat under the patio and got a little fresh air on my face. Now I am typing this blog post on my bed with a warm day unfolding. I watched old tv series with my brother, and laughed when they showed a box of toliet paper, I guess only us Australians would get the reference.

I spent this morning watching some new You Tube videos from Lynnloveslife and also Coffee and Bible one as well. It keeps me focused on things other that Covid 19 and I feel I need that to help me continue through my day. Hey I don’t want this to feel all doom and gloom, only feel like I hit a wall this morning. Reality bites sometimes.

I had a lovely cup of coffee outside under the patio and simply breathed in nature and outside world. I walked around and got my exercise, while folks did essential shopping and bank. It feels so weird for them to be leaving to shop and bank, while I stay home. Before it was me going out and working how times have changed. I feel helpless to help them at times, but I know my Mum worries for me too.

I read my Bible and just reflected on life and prayed to the Lord to take my worries from me. After that I felt better. I journaled a little, and also stuck a lot of collage stuff from old magazines etc, into my journal and Fauxbonichi. Lunch was sushi beef teriyaki and Pespi Max was very yummy indeed. Chatted with my family and just chilled out.

Anyway time for afternoon tea and biscuit so see you soon.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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