Autumn vibes

I think Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, if I had to choose. There is something about cooler nights and clear skies, that speak to me, like nothing else. The tones and hues of the season also soothe me after the brightness of Summertime. Autumn blooms in a way that is so subtle to the boldness of say Springtime, it is a time of celebration, before nature goes into hibernation mode.

Rainy days are heaven, and the dampness of the leaves and the sound of rain play like sweet music to my ears. It’s a time of being cozy and simply curling up with a book, or watching nature outside your open window. Life isn’t to be expected, without putting in the hard work. Life is nature at her best.

My memories of the times living in the English countryside come back to me surely at this time of year. Yes Autumn is in October in the Northern hemisphere, but here in Perth, Western Australia, Autumn is in March. And yet the feelings and season remain the very same in my eyes. Geography hasn’t got anything to do with it at all. A cool wind, still brings back memories, of walking along woodland trails with a backdrop of russet hues.

It is sad every time a leaf falls from a tree, but it also teaches us that life goes through seasons, as does our earth itself. Currently we are in a holding pattern, a season of a strange kind of Autumn of sorts. Everyone has taken a step back from life and everyone is staying home, for our health and to survive. A storm to be weathered and not fought out in the open. We are in earth’s Autumn and soon we will step back into the sun, but we need to wait out with patience like we have never had to have before in our lifetimes.

So like me to get so very serious on a blog post about Autumn vibes. It has taken me the longest time, too write this blog post, and yet I feel like no time has past at all. I feel my Blogging is changing from a new leaf of Spring, to the more matured Autumn blooms. It gladdens my heart to grow, and not stay stagnant with my writing, as well as the Blog I am maintaining.

Such a wordy blog post but hey that is ME 🀣

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Autumn vibes

    • knsander97 says:

      Thank you Andrea xox
      I love nature and so I guess that is why it features so much in my Blog posts and journaling as well.
      I love that quote as well reminds me of my walks in rural English countryside πŸπŸ‚πŸ

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