There is something outer worldly about mushrooms, not sure why, but just my impressions of them. They are also beautiful, and certainly from an artistic stand point wonderful studies to draw or paint. They also to me represent homes for the fairy folk of my childhood memories. Places where little folk can live and work within, well at least in my imagination anyway.

When I lived and worked in rural English countryside as a Nanny, I saw up close a lot of mushrooms. And the children I nannied, loved the stories I used to make up about there wondrous forms. One of our many things was to go walking around the woodlands near our village, and simply see what delights we could find. I learnt a lot about English wildflowers and trees as did the children. We all learnt together, about the beautiful countryside I only knew in books and television programs.

I also found my love for all things of nature return as well. Through teaching my charges, I was also recapturing my own childlike wonder. Days rain or shine were spent often outdoors amongst nature and seeing what treasures we could find. At times we would stop off at the local library to look any finds up, or get photos printed out by the local chemist at the time.

It reminds me these memories, that you do not need fancy equipment to have fun, or find magical moments.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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