Hello World

It has been a long while since I have written a blog post, I never meant it to be so long, but there it is. I am back from my fast of sorts, from social media platforms, I simply needed to get away from it, after all of this Covid 19 stuff. Overwhelmed and feeling very much out of my depth, taking a step back, helped me find out, I did not need a 24/7 lifestyle any longer.

Now feeling full of life, as well as new outlook, I am back World, so look out now. The world has changed so very much in these past couple of months, and I feel only for the better. We have had a shake up, too big for us to go backwards, the path can only be straight ahead.

I am back at school, well currently on two weeks holidays, before we start third term of the school year. I love my job and the students truly are my life. I know that now, after having time off on standby, so to speak. So really good things have happened amongst the trials of the last couple of months.

So hello world from Kitty-Kat xox

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