January moments

Summer moments in favourite cafe in Freo…

Mum and I the other day took ourselves off to Freo for the day. I ran some banking errands and Mum had to pick up some medicines, then the rest of the day was ours. Of course wouldn’t be a trip to Freo without hitting the cafe strip, very chic and very cool place to wile away a few hours on a hot summer day.

I had a pineapple juice instead of my usual Chai latte, mainly because it was so humid and hot, not great weather to drink hot coffee. Then I tried for my lunch, fried chicken burger with sweet potato wedges, it was pure heaven on a plate to me. So divinely delicious that I barely snapped a pic before eating it all up. It reminded me of proper Southern fried chicken with coleslaw in the burger. And the pickles were sooo tasty indeed, they simply needed their very own sentence in this blog.

Mum had pork slider with sweet potato wedges which she really loved. It was also so lovely to hide away for awhile in an air conditioned room, you simply wanted to stay forever. Alas wasn’t time for one of my full journal sessions, but that will happen of course on a later date.

I love to people watch, as I stare out the window, as well as watch the local traffic go up and down the street outside the cafe. Never dull moment and always vibrant vibe around Freo. Especially with the summer holidays and sunshine that is Freo’s crowning glory.

Hope to blog about the Dome cafe again real soon…

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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