Journal page…
Butterfly wall…

I have been wanting for months to do a butterfly wall in my bedroom, I was first inspired by Angel’s on Escape to the Chateau, when she did one in her grand staircase. And now after some time I have created the similar effect to my bedroom wall. It makes me smile look at it everyday, and currently going through some issues it helps me remain strong too.

It also helps me to see that inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, wherever you go or are in the world truly makes it all happen. Angel is one of my favourite designers, she simply goes for it and yet always flamboyant and elegant too boot. We share the same vibrant red hair as well, as just have our own unique fashion sense.

I love to try new things in my creative projects and designing my bedroom was one more thing to do after my major decluttering late last year. Now I have the studio area I always wanted right in my bedroom, my happy place from the world. Currently working on Autumn leaves project on one of my other walls, so interesting to see where that project will take me in coming months.

I keep adding butterflies…even a few dragonflies too…

As you can see more and more butterflies are being added day by day and I love how organic the whole process is coming out. My journaling pages are coming too life, probably you could say larger than life in a way. I can’t help myself just putting one more butterfly on my wall.

It also has added bonus of helping me grow my body of work on my Blog right here. Inspiration is also everywhere and I feel we all need to really open ourselves to the possibilities, never close ourselves off or ever stop learning new and exciting things.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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