Hello Autumn

A March sunset…

Yes it is officially Autumn now we are in March 2021 and even though we had a week of thunderstorms and humidity through the roof, there was no coldness in the air. And this week we have temperatures in the low 30°c range, Summer likes to hold on here in Perth, Western Australia. But hey it is my hometown.

This sunset though made my night. My folks and I have taken to go out and watch the sunset, and we have not been disappointed at all. I have so many photos on my camera roll it is not funny at all. Everytime we looked up at the western sky, the hues change from moment to moment, truly God has made the sunset showy for us to simply stop and take it all in.

From another view..

Autumn is one of my most favourite seasons, there is so much happening with Summer waning and Winter on it’s way. That in between season like Spring where it seems not one or the other. The colours inspire and soothe me, not as harsh as monotone black and white of Winter, or glare endless blue skies and hot days of Summer. It is simply Autumn that season in between it all, and yet full of such growth and colour as any other season could ever bring.

I never truly had a real Autumn experience until I moved to UK as a Nanny in rural English countryside. Then October became a month of true colour blew my mind, the intensity of the reds, yellows and browns were on a spectrum I had never ever seen before or since.

UK Autumn leaves memories…

As an journaler I find myself getting so excited when this season returns again here in Perth Western Australia. It may not have the same intensity as my English experience, but the memories live on in my head and in my journal writing. Autumn will remain my favourite Season by far.

So enjoy Autumn if you are in Australia or soon to be Spring in the rest of the world.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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