Children made too play

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If you don’t know, I am by day an Education assistant at a local primary school in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classroom. I have always worked with young children both in childcare worker, Playleader, Nanny, Creche worker, school holiday leader, Creche manager and finally Education assistant.

It is my passion and so has always been a very play based way of learning for early childhood. Coming from a child of late 1970’s and early 1980’s I feel were golden times to be a kid. Before technology and before overscheduled children,became the norm. And so when I came across this book, I saw all the boxes ticked in my head. All that was happening with children in my care made perfect sense.

Children just don’t get to play anymore…whether at home or at school, too many other things appear more important than that basic need. This is now greatly impacting children’s health and development, because we fail to see how play needs to happen. I feel a lot of adults attitude is that it is simply children wasting their time. And yet these same adults let children have way too much screen time and keep them indoors a lot as well. No wonder children are falling behind, they are no longer allowed to be children and childhood is just a pipe dream.

Nature’s playground..

I feel sometimes that I fail my students by not letting them just be children. We expect so much of ourselves, that I feel sometimes we put those things upon our children as well. There are so many steps in the most simple tasks, we fail to see or remember way back when.

Reading this book helped me realize there are things I can do to help my Kindergarten children develop into more rounded little humans. It us never too late to stop the tide I feel, Just the passion not to give up. That with patience in my heart I can help my Kindergarten children, Just be children and it is okay just being that. Anything else is a bonus, you need to walk before you can run.

Getting little hands dirty…

Especially now of this pandemic, I feel life has changed greatly for our children, and yet they need to be kids, today more than ever before. This book opened my eyes to a lot of development of a child, and that they all develop at their own time.

I really recommend this book to not only Parent’s and Teacher’s, but anybody interested in children and their development. Especially with nature play so in the focus now more than ever before.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Happy Reading people….

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