I am with you

Journaling peace 💖💖💖

Today has been a day of great reflection for me, particularly Faith wise, I have been moved to write quite a few pages in my Faith journal. As well as here on my Blog too. I feel now that I am on school holidays, I can do my thing, do what makes me happy, which is journaling and creating art as well. So it should not come as any surprise for me to get a sudden burst of creative spark.

As the title of this blog post says, I am with you. It kinda of leads on from the previous blog post about blooming in your season. It means that I know that God is with me, in all that I do and in my everyday life. I need not look far to see His wonder all around me in this vast world.

My sudden burst of creative spark means I am moved to just sit and create for hours in my journals. Currently that is what I did this Sunday afternoon now, I have been writing and creating non-stop in my journal most of the day. I have written a lot as well as stuck artsy crafty things within my journal. They are pretty much stuffed to bursting you could very well say.

I feel too because of what has been happening lately that I need time to not only heal and recharge, but also to find myself that has been locked away quite a lot. I tend to retreat into myself when life moments overwhelm me. Trauma I guess triggers it, but at least now I can see the signs before it gets too bad. I feel journaling has helped me gain strength and insight to myself.

Journaling now my Faith as well helps me learn and just put down all my questions needing answering. I can also write scriptures and also mind map words to have greater understanding of there meaning. I remember better when I write it down to, not just type it or read it. The physical act of holding pen to paper always helps cement my learning.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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