Socks rule the world

Pineapple socks…..

Sometimes you need to just be silly and decide today will be a pineapple sock kinda of day. Hey it is the school holidays and I think why not break the rules and routine, and wear those funky socks of mine. Well it is a fact that I work as a Kindy Aide and so I could pretty much wear these to school, and not even cause any of my Kindy children to bat an eyelid at me at all. But hey woke up and thought wear those socks.

Silly is good and I feel after these past couple of months, I need to go with that mood. Because otherwise it would be a padded cell and four walls. Not my kind of fun, so silly it is, first socks then distracted by the CLOUDS. Yes I can not help myself staring off into the sky, watching those cloud roll on by.


But back to SOCKS, I find them so comfy to pad about the house. To curl up with a good book as well. SOCKS are one of my favourite fashion accessories indeed. Sometimes the LOUDER pattern the better with them.

Couple sock goals
On the line kinda socks…
Cozy sock goals

Something special about kicking your shoes off and putting on some comfy and cozy socks. Happy place I feel indeed, like walking on a cloud, if you could do such a thing 😆 I would definitely be up for cloud walking though.

Mum got me these cute socks…

I spent day with my folks and Mum got me these adorable socks with hedgehogs on, I just love the love heart eyes on them too. I had to wear them and of course photograph them for my Blog post.

You can figure out a lot about a person, just from the socks they wear ? No I just made that up, but your clothes and accessories do say a lot about you personality. Very subtle indeed.

I say why not have fun with your socks and go for it. Be bold and be brave, and never let anybody put you down.

So socks really do rule the world.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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