Journal bliss complete…

Another book finished of my life documentaries

It is so satisfying to finish another journal of mine. All the pages filled too bursting with blissful creative goodness. I absolutely loved doing it and feel after a little blip in journaling mojo all is going fine now. There is always something to document about my life, however small or random that may be.

I have managed to complete quite a few journals this year, and so happy and grateful to be able to express myself, in such a richly rewarding way. As well as stretching myself creatively and just showing up on the page, even when I ain’t in the mood. It has been such a wonderful journey so far in 2021 despite the setbacks and trials I have faced.

I have been doing a course with Ali Brown about journaling called #Iam a scribe, and it has been absolutely wonderful to learn a lot more about expressive journaling and the difference between other types of journaling. Ali is so giving to the journaling community and I simply adore her videos on YouTube.

I have made a point this year to truly focus on my journaling craft and just honing my style, so very uniquely me. And also realizing that I don’t have to compare myself to anybody. Yes I get inspired by others, but in the end I have my own way of journaling.

Artsy page…
Favourite artist …Frida Kahlo
Mood boards…
Childhood memories…
May not be able to travel far…

I love to express myself through artsy and creative pages, it helps me to also deal with any mental health issues. Art is my way to deal with the tough times in my life.

Here is to a new journal, to fill up.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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