Windy day in Spring

Windy spring day in Perth, Western Australia..

Today has been a complete polar opposite to yesterday, which was rather warm and almost Summer like in golden sunlight. Just had that feeling that the season had turned. Well today seems to be pulled by the depths of Winter for sure.

You could not get a day more different than if you tried too. Amazing Spring weather indeed, reminds me of my time in the UK, than any weather patterns for Australia that is for sure.

Anyway I take full advantage of rugging up cozy with blankets and long pants yet again. Not time just yet too get rid of warm clothes, instead that crazy in-between time of not hot not cold indeed.

Cloudy skies…
You can not beat the wind in your hair…

I was on playground duty today at lunchtime, it was funny to see a string of hats go flying off children’s heads, as the wind blew across the playground. Nothing was gonna stop the wind having a little fun, and the way the children laughed, made my day. It was certainly cold and at times very wet, but the children as always teach us to let it go.

Time is nothing to them, like any emotions, that let go of it in a blink of an eye. We really should take a leaf out of their book, in that retrospective, wise beyond their tender years.

As I read somewhere, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices, and I can truly wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment totally. I am currently writing this blog post while listening to a Spotify playlist called: Read with me, Morgan Long by Erika it is lovely music to listen too while writing away, as I am currently doing so.

Usually I don’t listen to music while blogging, but I think that I will do it more often now. It has so helped my flow of words, and really developed this entire blog post as well.

Check this playlist out…

If you are wondering who Morgan Long ? She is a very talented Youtuber who loves books, nature and Portland ,Oregon where she lives. I feel that I will be writing a blog post about her very soon indeed. I have been quite hooked on her videos lately. So stay tuned…

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day.

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