Fri-yay moments

Fri-yay feeling…

Not quite in a tropical setting, but at least there is that lovely Fri-yay feeling though, the weekend is here and time to chillax and enjoy blue skies and longer days. Just enjoying the moment and not thinking or over thinking way too much at all. As I write this blog post, I am sitting in my bedroom on an overstuffed floor cushion, with my window open wide and blinds open. The late afternoon light floods through, and I just sit after a full day of Kindy and Pre-Primary’s students, and mad rush of almost school year done and dusted.

Cooler weather today after a spell of warm days, so lovely to see fluffy white clouds in the sky, and a sea breeze that truly cools you down. Dinner with the family and then crafty night with friends and lots of laughs and chatty chatter too. My kind of end to the week, unfortunately my Bestie didn’t feel too good so no Pepsi max and chat, but hey that is what rainchecks are all about.

Crafty time always welcome..
Besties through good and bad….

Radio on playing my kind of music, great to sing along too. Although sometimes it is good to just lose yourself in the music and lyrics, quiet time precious when it happens. December is crazy but also start of new season, Summer of course. Maybe not my favourite season, mainly because I don’t like the really hot weather, a little warmth okay, but not scorching heat not my thing. But at least holidays mean I can go to Freo and spend time by the river, or Bather’s beach right in Freo itself.

Beachy vibes….

Funny how the other half of the world is in Winter, and yet here in Perth Western Australia the sun continues to shine and weather is warm. I have lived both parts of the world and it still blows my mind how fast and truly magical the universe truly can be. So deep for this time of day after a really busy week. But hey life is truly what you make it.

Happy Fri-yay…

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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