Merry Christmas to all….

Merry Christmas xox

Today is Christmas day and it will be a very hot one here in Perth Western Australia and I am okay with that…well just a little bit sad..but hey I did at least have one white Christmas ❄☃️❄But it is a day of family and togetherness, not about how many gifts you get or buy. It’s about gratitude you feel because we have so very much in this world to be thankful for. Okay I will get off my soapbox now 😉

So cute little gnome 😍

I love Christmas time, even more now as an adult than a child. I guess I love the pure magic and innocence of the entire season. Where you can get swept away by a guy in a red suit. As I write this many children will be gathered around a tree opening Christmas gifts. Their faces make my heart melt, it truly is so very magical indeed. I love wearing Christmas shirts and deck myself out like a Christmas elf indeed. I love listening to Christmas songs and carols as soon as the 1st of December hits. Christmas is great and never loses it’s charm.

Snowy Christmas days

One special Christmas I got to see snow and yes make snowmen. It has always been a Christmas wish since I was small, and so very happy that it came true…for one Christmas indeed.

Silent night

Silent night is one of my favourite songs, it brings me often too tears and also feel the true meaning of Christmas…birth of Saviour, Jesus Christ. As I write this I think of that little baby born all those years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. And how his birth changed the entire world, turned every thing on it’s head forever more.

My Faith has always been important to me, but I feel this year, especially that it means so very much indeed. I realize there is a reason and purpose truly for everything and one upon this earth. Even a tiny helpless newborn baby, that humbles me to the very core, and only makes my Faith grow stronger each passing day.

Nativity scene
Halfway point in reading Old testament…

I also have surpass my goal of almost halfway through the Old testament in the Bible, which has been tough in some parts and yet enlightening in others. After many trials this year it has also been a great comfort to me. Many stories and words to help the path I tread ever so much easier to walk through. My next goal is to try and finish the rest of the Old testament and also start the New testament as well in the new year. I am not rushing my reading though, just taking my time and spending time in the word.

Soak in the words..
Quiet time

Quiet time has been a priority in Mornings and so please to say it has become a regular part of my daily routine. Yes at times harder than others, but the benefits of the everyday of it has so helped me deal with just everyday life.

Merry Christmas to you

So hear is hoping no matter where you are in the blogosphere, Merry Christmas to you all xox

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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