Art pieces…

Trying new ideas…

I love my creative art journal at the moment full of new and interesting ideas and art pieces where I just have gone with it, not hold back anything just be me. Kylie or Kitty-Kat as most of you know me as, nickname from my Mum. I lately feeling lost and a little down, so much is happening that I find that I lost myself sometimes in all of this stuff. Art as helped me truly feel comfortable in my own skin so to speak.

There is no harm in experimenting, or giving it a go, we all need a little off time in our life to let it all out. Me, I find creatively it is art or journaling and even that has been a struggle lately. Thankfully I am working through the tough times and have some pretty amazing and awesome friends who are always there for me, day or night.

To me art has been my HAPPY PLACE where there is no wrong or right, no judgement at all, because I feel safe there, as well as know who I am there. Difficult to explain, but we all need those things to help make us feel part of it all. It has taken me awhile to get my own style and now it fits me like a glove, and that makes me so very happy indeed.

I am no longer afraid to share it on social media platforms and feel quite proud and good about myself whenever I finish or show others my work. I do tend to have a few projects on the go, mainly because I like to flow while working and if it doesn’t flow, or more importantly you hit a wall. At least I have other projects to work on. It may seem chaotic, but never fear it works real well for me indeed.


This was golden hues, summertime in Perth, Western Australia and just golden time summer brings to the world. The special light that comes over, like a film lens. It also favourite song Golden by Harry Styles, nostalgia feel, that special person.

Gucci suit inspiration…

I have been expanding my designs and trying out different patterns, as well as taking inspiration from outside sources. And so when I saw this picture of Harry Styles in this Gucci suit, I just had to create my own take on it. I feel it has turned out really good indeed, and proud that I push myself to grow creatively. It is the only way to grow and become a better artist and take the next level, design wise. I never been one to play it safe, and tend to push the buck a little far at times. I now feel comfortable doing it in my own art projects now.

I can not wait to see what will happen next…

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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